Hair Transplants Hudson

Looking for Hair Transplants in Hudson, New Hampshire?

Are you going a bit thin on top? Is baldness setting in earlier than you expected? Is your lack of a full head of hair starting to make you lose your self-confidence? Are you looking for a way to look and feel young again?

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If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, you might be wondering if hair transplants are right for you. Before you go scheduling an appointment, read on to discover if hair restoration surgery is right for you.

The goal of hair transplant surgery is to fill in areas of your head that are completely or partially bare. All in all, it may take from four to eight hours depending on the size of the area being transplanted. If you are looking for particularly thick hair, you may be required to come in for one or more follow-up procedures. Hair restoration can cost from four to 15 thousand dollars, and your insurance will likely not cover the procedure except in rare cases.

Hair Transplant Surgery Overview

The procedure begins with a scalp cleaning, after which your doctor will begin one of two methods of surgery. The first method, Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, involves removing a small section of the scalp, and dividing it into hundreds of pieces, each with a small number of hairs on it. The other method, Follicular Unit Extraction, begins with your head being shaved. After that, your hair surgeon will extract the hairs one at a time.

Once the initial stages of either method are complete, the rest of the procedure is very similar regardless of which route your doctor chooses. First the doctor will clean the area once again to prevent any infection. Next, he will apply a numbing agent to ensure that your surgery is completely painless. Once surgery is ready to begin, your doctor will use his instruments to make hundreds of holes in your head and carefully insert the hair grafts into them.

Recovering from Hair Transplant Surgery

You will likely experience some pain for about a week following the surgery, during which your doctor may prescribe painkillers to mediate discomfort and prevent inflammation. In addition, you should plan to keep bandages on the treated areas for several days, but don’t worry, you should be in full condition to return to work and show off your new locks in less than a week.

Several weeks after surgery, much of your new hair will fall out, but don’t despair! This is completely normal, and is the first step to having a completely fresh head of your very own hair. Over the next few months, new hair will grow in far greater volumes than before the surgery.

If you are looking to revive your youthful appearance and think that you are a good fit for surgery, schedule your own hair transplant in Hudson today.